Mastering Services

The year 1997 was the time for a large investment and also a big technical challenge. Since we started with our mastering services, not outside help was needed to produce stampers. Our whole personal needs could be covered seamlessly. We offer this service world wide and to other CD-producers without own mastering facility.

Since the beginning of 2001, we also produce stampers for the production of DVDs based on latest professional and newest equipment. Our goal, to supply quality in a fast and reliable way, has not changed. All of our stampers are 100% quality checked. The corresponding protocols are sent with the stampers. Our customers can immediately see the difference between their and our reading. A very important factor, confirmed to us several times. Our success relates to the fact, that ADVIAN High Tech AG has a broad knowledge. A stamper has to be supplied in time, if not, a production standstill will happen. Anything unforeseen requires immediate replacement whatever the reason is. A happy customer is the most important goal. We are more than pleased to optimise your process. Our know-how is respected world-wide.

What Mastering Services does ADIVAN offer?

  • Authoring & premastering
  • Family mastering for CDs and DVDs
  • Online data transfer
  • COPRO copy protection for CDs and DVDs

What else do you need to know?
Download the COPRO information sheet to learn more about our copy protection solutions.