Refurbished machines

ADIVAN continiously developes new generations of highly productive equipment and offers refurbished machines from Pfeiffer, Hakaliner, Caplight and HD-DVD solutions

In a highly competitive market, with a view to reducing their selling prices, many manufacturers began extending their product lines by including used machines where requested. With the pressure on prices there are in fact practically no new installations for CD production, except almost exclusively for CD recordables or DVDs.

Today, redundant CD capacities are rapidly being reduced to make room for DVD production lines, etc. It was these factors that led ADIVAN to enter the market for used machines. In contrast to usual retailers, our machines undergo a general overhaul including set up and testing within our facility. This way, prospective buyers can study our offers directly on site. With the understanding that once of conclusion of contract is completed, full installation is part of our service. To this day, customers from more than twenty countries worldwide have chosen ADIVAN High Tech AG as responsible equipment supplier.


Refurbished machines (95 KB)