Flash Drive Duplicator

ADIVAN USBD-M 2.0 is a Flash Drive duplicator intended for high volume duplication. Copy your USB Flash Memory fast, easy and reliably.


The USBD-M 2.0 is a standalone device that works without monitor and keyboard. It consists of 12 slave slots and one master slot. The master slot is intended for master flash drive and then each slave slot works independently. Volume of master flash is copied to slave flash immediately after pull down the flash drive to the USB connector. The USB slots could be extended of multiple 14 slave slot sections (means 14, 28, 42, …).


  1. Supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 flash drives
  2. Table standalone version with operating system and software
  3. Could be extended of multiple 14 slave slots (means 14, 28, 42, …)
  4. Possibility to use USBD-M 2.0 also like computer control device with connection to the using network connectivity 10/100 ethernet
  5. Option: 17” LCD, keyboard, mouse, special windows software
  6. Write Speed: Parallel operation, up to 480Mb/s for each slot
  7. Operation software: Windows XP
  8. Dimensions: 380 x 200 x 300mm
  9. Weight: 9 kG


Adivan USBD-M 2.0 Flash Drive Duplicator (122 KB)