The New Green Direct Mastering Technology

The mastering market is extremely mature. Replicator’s needs are not properly taken into account. Electroforming is a manufacturer’s nightmare in terms of productivity, simplicity and cost.
The dream of any replicator is a mastering equipment as simple as one’s office CDR/DVDR burner. Kochka Technology offers just that: all metallic stampers, made from high quality blank stampers, no electroforming required!
Our direct mastering process allows you to go from customer data to moulding within the timeframe usually requested for glass mastering.

Direct Mastering Technology (470 KB)


ADIVAN’s Duplication and Printing Equipment

ADIVAN has always emphasised the optimisation of media production process. By developing our equipment we flow our experience directly into design of new machines. Just-in-time business practices mean that the demand for small runs of CDs, DVDs, BDs and USB Flash Memories is rising. With ADIVAN duplicators/printers you are able to copy/print small and medium quantities within a matter of hours, independently and efficiently.



Adivan power duplicator


Adivan tower duplicator


Adivan usb duplicator


Adivan automated Printer


Blu-ray Disc Tester

Blu-ray Disc Tester
ADIVAN’s BD Tester is designed to quality control Blu-ray Discs of all norms. It is also able to read BD data and can be used for bit to bit comparison. The BD Tester brings the power of testing to one more phase of the Blue-ray Disc manufacturing process.



SnapNPlay CD

For the very first time, the SnapNPlay CD gives you the possibility of interactive ticketing. It contains a flap to be broken-off and is often used for entrance tickets, various events and competitions. The SnapNPlay offers a capacity of 30 MB to store multimedia presentations, videos or information about an artist or musician.



The PostCarD with integrated mini CD/DVD or business card CD/DVD

has the size of a usual PostCarD. The CD or DVD can store your company presentation as well as a video or music. Print the PostCarD and the CD or DVD with your individual design and give your customers the possibility, to learn more about your company! High response guaranteed!


USBD-M Flash Drive Duplicator

The USBD-M 2.0 is a standalone device that works without monitor and keyboard. It consists of 12 slave slots and one master slot. The master slot is intended for master flash drive and then each slave slot works independently. Volume of master flash is copied to slave flash immediately after pull down the flash drive to the USB connector. The USB slots could be extended of multiple 14 slave slot sections (means 14, 28, 42, …).


Adivan’s Mini-Softbox for DVD-8cm and CarDs

Finally there is a clever packaging for Mini-DVDs and CarDs! The box looks like a normal DVD-Softbox with transparent film on the outside for an inlay and two clips for the booklet inside, but the format is 125 x 88 mm (opened: 125 x 184 mm).

These new boxes are the perfect solution for an eye-catching and exclusive product. You can use them for promotion, advertising and many other applications.

Are you interested? Please contact us for more details and samples!


HD-DVD Tester

Quality measurement of all types of formats and also to compare Data to Data. Built for quality control to insure your HD-DVD manufacturing process.