Digital Bin Loop

For ADIVAN it was necessary to design equipment for full satisfaction of the media production process. Anything less would have been cutting corners. Moreover it was the only real way of ensuring that all components satisified ADIVANs rigorous quality standards for reliability and performance. In fact, the ADIVAN Development Team’s uncompromising approach to design has led to a number of innovative equipment.

Digital Bin Loop DBL2000

As probably the last company to do so, we invest capital in a product said to be dead since a long time ago, the audio cassette. In Africa and also in eastern Europe, the MC cassette is still the most important sound carrier. For this reason we have developed the DBL2000 Digital Bin Loop. It permits the recording of more than 2500 titles with recall within 20 seconds. The DBL2000 also offers lots of user friendly features. It contains quantity of know-how and decades of experience from our development staff.

For further information, please download our product information sheet.