ADIVAN Recordables are manufactured with latest equipment and high grade quality material. By observing the strong guiding rules regarding purity, our CD-Rs reach best scores of unique Swiss quality.

The quality of the CD-Rs are verified with our own QC-testers. The checking device verify all the relevant datas, leading to a clean detail analysis of each CD-R.

All media are available with inkjet or thermal printable surface too. Furthermore we can offer a wide range of labels in standard, premium or photo glossy quality.


What Recordable products does ADIVAN offer?

  • 12 cm CD-R: Data Capacity 700 MB or Playtime 80 min.
  • 08 cm CD-R: Data Capacity 180 MB or Playtime 20 min.
  • 12 cm Silhouette CD-R: Data Capacity 100/180 MB
  • 12 cm DVD-R (general use): Data Capacity 4.7 GB
  • 12 cm DVD+R: Data Capacity 4.7 GB
  • 08 cm DVD-R: Data Capacity 1.4 GB
  • CarD-R: Data Capacity 30/60 MB
  • Heart-R: Data Capacity 100 MB

What else do you need to know?
See the Artwork & Packaging section for more presentational ideas.

Specifications for Recordables label can be found at Recordables Downloads.