Stamper Reader

For ADIVAN it was necessary to design equipment for full satisfaction of the media production process. Anything less would have been cutting corners. Moreover it was the only real way of ensuring that all components satisified ADIVANs rigorous quality standards for reliability and performance. In fact, the ADIVAN Development Team’s uncompromising approach to design has led to a number of innovative equipment.

Stamper Reader

ADIVAN’s Stamper Reader is designed to control quality of DVD and CD Stamper of all norms. With this drive it is possible to read data DVD5,9 (PTP, OTP), 10. It is also possible to use it for bit to bit comparison between a stamper and your customer’s original master. The Stamper Reader brings the power of testing to one more phase of the CD manufacturing process.
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Stamper Reader Brochure (210 KB)

Stamper Reader Brochure (Russian) (154 KB)