Inkjet Printers

ADIVAN Color Inkjet Printers achieve excellent quality on printable recordable media. Special coating on the surface accepts the ink like a paper.

The main application of the CD printer is printing your own images and text information onto media to professionalize your requests and needs.

The CD printer IV is based on Lexmark 2400 dpi engine. The modification enables printing onto any brand of printable or pre-labelled medium CD standard, CD-Single 80 mm, CD-CarD, CD-Heart, …, in a special caddy. The printer has installed electronic latch when caddy is inserted.

Key Features:

  • 2400 x 1200 dpi hot ink printing technology for realistic print
  • printing on printable medium with caddy
  • printing on pre-labeled CD-Rs and other media
  • sharp photo quality color outputs
  • increased water and fingerprint resistant surface

Package contains:

  • CD printer IV
  • caddy for CD standard
  • original black and color inkjet cartridge
  • CorelDraw templates


  • caddies for CD-Single 80mm, CD-CarD, CD-Heart
  • CD applicators and adapters for different media shapes
  • CD labels – wide range of materials and shapes