ADIVAN offers you the full range of CD & DVD packaging solutions. Precision manufacturing results in extraordinary quality and full compatibility with all major automation systems. All products are locally produced in the EC. Production capacity is capable of meeting all your volume demands, even in peak season.

Standard Jewel Cases are available in crystal clear and custom colours. Trays are available in dark grey, black, clear, white and custom colours, without or with various logos.

The 5.2mm Ultraslim jewel case is ideal for increased space efficiency and an elegant presentation. Often used for CD-R and CD-RW, the 5.2 Ultraslim is available in a range of standard and rainbow colours; custom colours on request.

The Two-piece jewel box with its thickness of 7mm is ideal for CD singles. It accommodates a “J card” insert for spine-out labelling. The Two-piece is available in crystal clear.

The thicker Multi Jewel case is available for your two, three or four disc release. This box provides a greater retail impact and higher perceived value. The Multi is available in dark grey, black, white and custom colours.

Furthermore we offer cake boxes for 10, 25, 50 or 100 pcs. CD/DVD.