CarDs & Shapes

ADIVAN CarDs & Shapes revolutionise with the pre-centering by means of knobs and rings. By this, any shape can be put into a CD drive.

Meanwhile we offer CD-CarDs and special shapes as CDs, CD- and DVD-Recordables and DVDs (up to 400 MB capacity).
New product standard

We are pleased, not only that we have initiated a worldwide boom with our invention, but also created a new product standard.

All products in various colours, with break away part (entrance ticket), barcodes and also with an integrated chip.


What kind of CarDs & Shapes does ADIVAN offer?

  • CD-CarD: Data Capacity 80 MB
  • DVD-CarD: Data Capacity up to 570 MB for a DVD5
  • CD/DVD Shape: Data Capacity variable (depending on shape)
  • Silhouette-CD: Data Capacity 100/180 MB
  • CD-CarD-Recordable: Capacity 30 / 60 MB
  • DVD-CarD-Recordable: Capacity 188 MB

What else do you need to know?
See the Artwork & Packaging section for more presentational ideas.

Specifications for CarD label can be found at CarD Downloads.