Universal Labelers

The Universal Labeler LAB500 is able to work with any kind of products up to 50mm thickness. The speed can reach 7000 per hour.

A special optional hopper is designed to supply the machine with the main CDs and DVDs packagings as jewel case, cardboard sleeve, plastic and paper sleeves. When using sleeves with flap, this hopper can fold and tab the flap automatically.

A separate printer can be added to supply the LAB500 with printed labels. Several LAB500 joined together can operate to put several labels on the same surface automatically.


Speed: 5000 to 7000 dependant to package size
Power Supply: 100 to 220v (self adjusting)
Placement Accuracy: Less than 0.5mm (+/- 1/100 inch)
Dimensions: Height: 520mm x Width: 570mm x Depth: 498mm
Weight: 30 kg
Option: Hopper for sleeves with flap folder and tabber label printer
Label Specifications:
Roll size: up to 250 mm
Hub: 40 mm or 76 mm with adaptor
Label dimensions: min. 15 mm/ max. 136 mm